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40 Days of Scrapbooking Purpose

  • Day_40_copy_1800_x_1800
    40 Days of Scrapbooking Purpose was a challenge at Divine Digital to explore the reasons we scrap, and to explore our lives in general. It was a fantastic challenge, and I am pretty happy with most of these pages, and pretty proud of a couple of them!

Vacation 2006

  • 07122006_kevin_and_miranda_at_clear_lake
    We had 3 weeks of fun together this year! Come take a look at what we did!

Digital Scrapbooking

Book Clubs

  • Reading AngelZ BOOK CLUB
    This book club is at the site I work at, Divine Digital. We have a different genre each time, and I am really enjoying reading books that I normally wouldn't choose!
  • Kindred Spirits a Book Club
    This was started by my friend Janie. I haven't gone to a meeting yet, but I have been keeping up with the reading list, somewhat anyway.